Speedy Tactics Of Clothes Shoe In The Uk

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The Options For Handy Systems

The Environment's New Clothes: Biodegradable Textiles Grown from Live Organisms - Scientific American

Producing bioengineered materials durable enough to stand up to normal wear and tear is a major hurdle, Schiros says. She has tried to overcome this by treating some of her textiles with indigenous preserving techniquessuch as tanning with smoke instead of chemicalswhich she says lend her bio-leather strength and water resistance. These ecologically benign textiles are so far limited mostly to the realms of the laboratory, science competitions and high-fashion runways. But researchers who promote them say it is just a matter of time before such innovations are rolled out in some form for consumer markets. What needs to be tackled first, Chieza says, is making bioengineered apparel comparable in cost to conventional clothing. For example, Luchtman sells bacterial-dyed silk scarves for $139 whereas a similar silk scarf dyed conventionally can be purchased for as little as $10. Similar to the debate around renewable energy, cost-competiveness will not only rely on solid science and a technology that worksit will need to be enabled through government subsidies and a mental switch towards investing in R&D, Chieza says. Melik Demirel, director of the Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies (CRAFT) and a professor of engineering at The Pennsylvania State University , agrees that getting biodesigned clothing into consumer markets may take some time. But if the production processes can be scaled, he says, the benefits would outweigh the challenges. Protein- or sugar-based fibers are naturally biodegradable, and nature knows how to recycle them, he notes. Also, textiles could be reused before being sent to a composting facility to biodegrade, designers who advocate this research say.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-environments-new-clothes-biodegradable-textiles-grown-from-live-organisms/


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